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We are aware of the responsibility of a sustainable development of your holiday home and want to do our utmost with our contributions so that our surrounding nature can continue to be enjoyed in its impressive splendor and versatility.

We have the privilege of being surrounded by a breathtaking natural backdrop in Zermatt. A prerequisite for the preservation of this unique mountain world is the careful and sustainable use of natural resources. We at the SWISS ALPINE HOTEL ALLALIN are aware of this importance for our environment...We do our best, with small contributions and your support, dear guests, to do our part to manage this task and thus to preserve our SWISS ALPINE mountains and environment...


We are particularly proud of our breakfast buffet, where you will find

  • no packaged products at all
  • local, tasty dried meat and hard cheese from Zermatt cows that graze on the Riffelalp and in "Tuftern" during summer on daily basis.
  • freshly baked bread from local bakers and avoid long delivery routes and frozen storage.
  • healthy fruit breads and crunchy cereals in our own produced on our own.
  • yoghurt variations and other various cheeses from Zermatt's "Horuk√§serei", who get them in the most natural and shortest way from their 7 vital cows.
  • and exclusively fresh fruits from the region.

in addition

  • we give the old bread to the local sheep farmer 
  • and the leftovers are handed over twice a week to the Zermatt biogas plant, which guarantees reuse in a circular economy.

In your room we pay particular attention to

  • the environmentally conscious use of dispensers for shower gel and hair shampoo (but do not want to do without the small bottles of fine body lotion and conditioner yet, because we indulge you in these ,little sins')
  • a restrained, regular change of bath and bed linen or do it according to your wish
  • we have removed all plastic guest laundry bags (better known as "laundry bags") and replaced them with high-quality cotton bags.
  • the economical use of cleaning and room care products
  • the hygienic use of the hotel's own reusable glass bottles with freshly bottled, top-quality water straight from the tap every day. Important to know: Zermatt's water is drawn directly from 50 surrounding mountain lakes and around 100 springs.

The absolute 'centrepiece' of our contribution to the desired sustainability and clean air, albeit due to Zermatt's much appreciated freedom from cars,

  • is the use of our battery-powered electric vehicle with zero mobility-related CO2 emissions.
  • is your contribution to the cost of your transfer, of which Fr. 1 per person goes to planned projects (see below).
  • in addition, the local population moves on foot or by bicycle.
  • Learn a lot of interesting facts about sustainability in Zermatt and about Zermatt as an energy town.

Of course, we do not want to present a distorted, extremely environmentally friendly and responsible image to the public... therefore, the following also includes critical sustainability aspects of our house that still need to be improved, the small future projects mentioned above:

  • replacement of the existing heating system with an ecological heating system
  • LED lighting in the entire house
  • water saving devices

We thank you for your attention and especially your help!

For us, sustainability does not only mean acting responsibly and ecologically; rather, the defining core pieces of your holiday home, the wood carvings handcrafted decades ago with raw material from the region resp. local woods, correspond to a truly authentic sustainability. This is because it is convincingly excluded to change this craft in whole or in part, despite the fact that our house has already been rebuilt and renovated several times. We do our utmost to preserve this originality and embed it in the overall concept. At the same time, we succeed in creating a modern and contemporary style. A feel-good atmosphere that not only our guests enjoy, but also accompanies us through our daily work. We make every effort to ensure that our attitude, our philosophy and our appearance stand for true sustainability.